Month: June 2018

Alternative Funding Cohorts

Funding Series Cohorts THE WHY

The Beveridge Family Foundation seeks to expand its impact through philanthropic giving, impact investing, and initiating improvements in the community. We see continued threats to funding of the nonprofits who most perform the work we consider vital to our society and environment. In 2018 we launched an alternative funding strategy to assist nonprofits in learning about, planning, and implementing additional funding streams beyond traditional development. We have partnered with the Human Service Forum on a series of workshops led by nationally-recognized consulting leaders in one of seven alternative funding strategies.

2018 Beveridge Family Foundation “Alternative Funding Survey” Results In February 2018 the Beveridge Family Foundation, Inc. (“the Foundation”) conducted a survey of prior grant applicants. The topic of the survey was alternative funding streams. Out of roughly 400 valid email addresses, 190 responses were received.

Endowed Projects
with Chuck Gordon
The Beverdige Family Foundation survey goes on to say “Only 21% of respondents indicated they have endowed projects in place.…

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