Frank Stanley Beveridge Story

Frank Stanley Beveridge was born in Canada on April 17, 1879. In March 1900, having traveled from Pembrooke Shores, Nova Scotia, Frank arrived at Mount Hermon School in Northfield, Massachusetts with only a quarter, a dime and one Canadian dollar bill to his name. Frank later moved to upstate New York, married, and he and his wife, Theresa, had two daughters. Mr. Beveridge joined the Fuller Brush Company of Hartford, Connecticut, where he eventually moved and became Director of Sales.

In 1931, Beveridge founded Stanley Home Products, Inc. in Westfield, Massachusetts.

In 1947, he founded The Frank Stanley Beveridge Foundation, a trust.

In 1949, he established the Stanley Park of Westfield, Inc. on twenty-five acres of land in Westfield, Massachusetts. Today, Stanley Park consists of nearly 300 acres of formal gardens, a carillon tower, trails, sports fields and a substantial nature area.

Upon Mr. Beveridge's death in 1956, the Foundation was incorporated, and continues to honor his philanthropic endeavors by supporting a variety of charitable causes.

Photo of Frank Stanley Beveridge