Step 1 – Please familiarize yourself with the eligibility requirements on this page before proceeding to the next section.

Annual Campaign

Any organized effort by a nonprofit to secure gifts on an annual basis; also called annual appeals.


Grants for constructing, renovating, remodeling, or rehabilitating property. Includes general or unspecified capital support awards.

Capital Campaign

A campaign to raise funds for a variety of long-term purposes such as building construction or acquisition, endowments, land acquisition, etc.

Collections Acquisition

Grants to libraries or museums to acquire permanent materials as part of a collection, usually books or art. 

Collections Management/ Preservation

Grants for maintenance, preservation and conservation of materials.

Computer Systems Equipment

Grants to purchase or develop automated systems.

Electronic Media/ Online Services

Grants for support of projects on the Internet and World Wide Web, including online publications and databases, development of Web sites, electronic networking and messaging services, CD-ROM products, and interactive educational programs.

Emergency Funds

A one-time grant to cover the immediate short-term funding needs of a recipient organization on an emergency basis.


Grants to purchase equipment, furnishings or other materials.

Land Acquisition

Grants to purchase real estate property.

Program Development

Grants to support specific projects or programs as opposed to general purpose grants.

Program Evaluation

Grants to evaluate a specific project or program; includes awards both to agencies to pay for evaluation costs and to research institutes and other program evaluators.


Funds to cover the costs of investigations and clinical trials, including demonstration and pilot projects. (Research grants for individuals are usually referred to as fellowships).

Seed Money

A grant to start, establish or initiate a new project or organization; may cover salaries and other operating expenses of a new project. Also called start-up funds.

Technical Assistance

Operational or management assistance given to nonprofit organizations, including fundraising assistance, budgeting and financial planning, program planning, legal advice, marketing and other aids to management.

The Foundation welcomes grant proposals from the following Institutional/Program Activity Areas:

  • Animal Related
  • Arts, Culture, and Humanities
  • Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy
  • Education
  • Employment/Jobs
  • Environmental Quality, Protection & Beautification
  • Food, Nutrition, Agriculture
  • Health – General & Rehabilitative Services
  • Health – Multipurpose Associations/ Services Associated with Specific Diseases/Disorders/Medical Disciplines
  • Housing/Shelter
  • Human Services: Multipurpose & Other
  • Medical Research
  • Mental Health, Crisis Intervention
  • Philanthropy, Voluntarism, and Grant Making Foundations
  • Public Protection: Crime & Delinquency Prevention, Legal Administration, Legal Services
  • Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness & Relief
  • Public/Society Benefit: Multipurpose & Other
  • Recreation, Leisure, Sports, Athletics
  • Religion
  • Science and Technology Research Institutes/Services
  • Social Science Research Institutes/Services
  • Youth Development


Grants for artists.

Commissioning New Works

Grants to support the creation of new artistic works.


Includes workshops.

Curriculum Development

Awards to schools, colleges, universities and educational support organizations to develop general or discipline-specific curricular.

Debt Reduction

A grant to reduce a recipient organization's indebtedness; also referred to as deficit financing. Frequently refers to mortgage payments.

Employee Matching Gifts

Usually made by corporate foundations to match gifts made by corporate employees.

Employee-Related Scholarships

Scholarship program funded by a company-sponsored foundation usually for children of employees; programs are frequently administered by the National Merit Scholarship Corp., which is responsible for selection of scholars.

Endowment Funds

A bequest or gift intended to be kept permanently and invested to provide income for continued support of an organization.


Awards to institutions such as museums, libraries or historical societies specifically to mount an exhibit or to support the installation of a touring exhibit.

Faculty/Staff Development

Fellowship Funds

Fellowships – To Individuals

Film/Video/Radio Production

A grant to fund a specific film, video, or radio production, often named in the grant text. (Do not use for general support of TV/radio stations.)

Foundation-Administered Programs

General/Operating Support

Grants for the day-to-day operating costs of an existing program or organization or to further the general purpose or work of an organization; also called unrestricted grants.

Grants to Individuals

Income Development

Internship Funds

Management Development

Grants for salaries, staff support, staff training, strategic and long-range planning, budgeting and accounting.

Performance/Production Costs

A grant to cover costs specifically associated with mounting a performing arts production, often named in the grant text.


Grants to educational institutions to endow a professorship or chair.

Program-Related Investments/Loans

A loan to an organization for a project related to the foundation's stated purpose and interests. As of October 2019, the Foundation is accepting applications for investments. Please see the Impact Investments page rather than completing a grant application.


A grant to fund reports or other publications issued by a nonprofit resulting from research or projects of interest to the funder.

Scholarships – To Individuals

Student Aid

Assistance in the form of educational grants, loans or scholarships.

The maximum grant proposal amount total requested should not exceed $50,000, 25% of Total Contributions for the most recently ended fiscal year or 20% of the Project Budget. Additionally, the Foundation does not provide support when the request involves the following:

  • Units of government including federal, state, county and municipal agencies, schools, colleges, universities and hospitals and their foundations
  • Foreign organizations or for foreign expenditure
  • Organizations that are located outside the geographically approved area of giving
  • Other private foundations excluding exempt operating foundations
  • Private educational institutions not attended by members of the Beveridge Family
  • Federated drives and their foundations including Catholic Charities, United Jewish Appeal and the United Way.
  • Furthermore, the Foundation prefers not to provide multi-year grant payments.


From the arts, to youth development, to environmental causes, to faith-based charities, the Beveridge Family Foundation exists to fund institutions in Hampden and Hampshire Counties, Massachusetts that serve the common good.  These include:

  • Corporations, trusts, funds or operating foundations organized and operated for religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes.
  • Board-approved not-for-profit organizations that serve poor, needy, and deserving persons, enabling such persons to become self-supporting and/or to become more productive citizens.
  • Board-approved not-for-profit organizations serving the advancement or promotion of science, learning, medicine, surgery, literature, music, art or human welfare.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the Beveridge Foundation's eligibility requirements, please proceed to the FAQs section.